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  at present, the tianhe district age: 26

  account: hunan nationality: china

  marital status: married to nationality: han

  integrity badges: did not apply for height: 165 cm

  talent assessment: no evaluation weight: 46 kg

  my specialty:


  talent types: ordinary job

  position: hr specialist/assistant, a primary school teacher

  working lives: 2 titles:

  job type: full-time can date: at any time

  salary: 2000-3500 work area of hope: tianhe district, zhuhai,

  work experience

  sichuan branch building decoration engineering co., ltd. * * * * start-stop years: in the 2010-08 to 2010-04

  nature of the company: private sector by sector: construction and engineering

  position: hr specialist

  job description: during the period of this position, my main job content is:

  1, maintain and implement company's each rules and regulations, and assist with department manager to improve the system of part;

  2, is responsible for company's positions, assist department effective development and utilization of manpower, can meet the needs of company development;

  3, be responsible for personnel recruitment, understanding of human needs, extensive job to apply for master talent market information, release recruitment information through various channels, cooperate with each department personnel selection target.

  4, responsible for the company's establishment and management of personnel files, staff id file directory timely tracking documents timely.

  5, responsible for the company all staff personnel changes, such as promotion, transfer, termination and other related formalities.

  6, responsible for new employee orientation, organize the employees to participate in the relevant professional skill test and training.

  7, assist to complete the company's business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and other related certificates annually, and make sure that the information changes.

  eight, to sign for the all kinds of documents, sorting and file. as the company's internal management system, business process, meeting minutes, contact with foreign correspondence, attendance data, data reshuffle, rewards and punishments, labor contract, etc.

  9, to be responsible for the organization and contact the company activities, such as company annual meeting, tourism and other activities.

  10 and other affairs assigned by the company

  leaving reason:

  education background

  school: hunan normal university

  highest degree: bachelor degree, graduation date: in 2010-06

  a special industry, chinese language and literature specially industry 2:

  the starting time termination of the years in the school (institution) for professional certificate certificate number

  language ability

  language: english is general level of the cantonese: general

  other foreign language ability:

  mandarin level: good

  ability to work and other specialty

  i have been engaged in education management and personnel management work, the work is not the same, but himself in a positive mental outlook in the job with the help of their hard work and leadership colleagues, work ability and business level has larger ascension. one, the ability to execute. in office, with highly responsible spirit to carry out company's each rules and regulations, in under the guidance of responsibility, timely and efficient deployment and to carry out the job. give full play to the subjective initiative, reasonable allocate jobs and the temporary work assigned by the leadership, clarify key points and difficulties in primary and secondary and work, so as to make specific arrangements and deployment. take an active part in professional skills training, improve the professional knowledge, and constantly practice and exploration in the work, gradually mastered a set of working methods and process. in office under the instructions of the leadership of the company, improve the company's handbook, performance evaluation system, etc. second, the ability of organization. during the work, i have been organized class parents, company annual meeting, staff vocational skills training, professional skill test, the company travel, the association between activities, such as sizes from the active preparation, the development and activity further things processing, etc in the practice of the corresponding ability to exercise and found a set of effective work process and method, was praised by the superior. three, text language ability. penning the all kinds of documents, to understand the company's various types of administrative document formats, such as meeting minutes, foreign internal contact letter, etc., have the corresponding administrative document writing skills. fourth, communication and cooperation ability. i am in office, has repeatedly independently personnel recruitment, new employee orientation, create positions and docking with the various departments closely to complete the personnel performance appraisal; assist the management, the finance department to complete the business license and tax registration certificate, organization code etc. careful; assist engineering department to complete the registration information update and assessment; company business unit personnel reception and liaison work.

  personal self assessment

  i during the period of school, served as the student union propaganda department director and supervisor, organize many activities in the school, was named 07-09 outstanding student, 08-09 outstanding cadres. and obtain certificate of english test band 4 and the high school language teacher's qualification certificate. and access to human resources management division level 3 certificate.

  i have been in the office during the period of work, job dedication, bears hardships and stands hard work, a strong sense of responsibility, work resolute, to plan as a whole the big picture, has the strong compression ability; treat problems have higher judgment, and can be independent and efficient to complete the job. good at summarizing experience found problems existing in the work in time.



  目前所在: 天河区 年  龄: 26

  户口所在: 湖南 国  籍: 中国

  婚姻状况: 已婚 民  族: 汉族

  诚信徽章: 未申请 身  高: 165 cm

  人才测评: 未测评 体  重: 46 kg



  人才类型: 普通求职

  应聘职位: 人事专员/助理, 小学教师

  工作年限: 2 职  称:

  求职类型: 全职 可到职日期: 随时

  月薪要求: 2000--3500 希望工作地区: 天河区,海珠区,


  四川**建筑装饰工程有限公司**分公司   起止年月:2010-08 ~ -04

  公司性质: 民营企业  所属行业:建筑与工程

  担任职位: 人事专员

  工作描述: 在担任此职务期间,我的主要工作内容是:













  毕业院校: 湖南师范大学

  最高学历: 本科  获得学位: 毕业日期: 2010-06

  专 业 一: 汉语言文学 专 业 二:

  起始年月 终止年月 学校(机构) 所学专业 获得证书 证书编号


  外语: 英语 一般 粤语水平: 一般


  国语水平: 良好








  don't sex: female

  age: 28 nations: the han nationality

  working experience: more than 5 years in living ground: zhejiang taizhou jiaojiang

  body: cm door mouth: sichuan neijiang zizhong

  self assessment

  i have a bright and cheerful disposition, positive and optimistic, has the vigor, treats people the enthusiasm, sincerity; serious and responsible work, initiative, can bear hardships and stand hard work; strong organization ability and the team cooperation spirit; discipline is strong, work actively cooperate with; strong will.


  hope jobs: computers - development/application - web designers - - website editor to edit/development/application issue class - layout design

  seeking position: network operations

  hope work location: zhejiang taizhou jiaojiang

  expected salary: 3700 / month to post time: -08-09

  work target/direction

  reasonable training, unreasonable called hone, whether reasonable or not, is to own a kind of exercise!

  work experience

  in the -08--12: taizhou senor network technology co., ltd

  industry: the internet, e-commerce (private companies)

  as a post: edit/issue/layout design

  job title: website wechat operations

  job description: 1. cooperate with business departments in late part of the site content editing and improving, modify and website advertising.

  2. responsible for website related transaction market, for all potential or have cooperation units or individuals for relationship maintenance and management.

  3. wechat public registration, production, post editor, published by push. active document

  4. be familiar with the ps (halfway got off, as long as willing to learn, willing to your mind, there is no done.) , dreamweaver

  5. content updates, adjustment, etc.;

  6. the provisions of the relevant website maintenance, website maintenance institutionalization, standardization;

  7. well site safety management, to prevent website was black, check the website each function, if there is a wrong link.

  the -02--10: taizhou network technology co., ltd. noah's ark

  industry: the internet, e-commerce (private companies)

  as a position: sales class - staff/sales representative

  job description: mainly through telephone communication to customers, understand customer needs. inquiry and visit. carry out marketing activities for products according to the enterprise plans and procedures, introduce products and provide the corresponding data; set up card customer information and customer profiles, complete the relevant sales reports, participant sales meeting or training courses organized by the company; establish a good relationship with customers, in order to maintain the corporate image.

  according to the company marketing strategy, promote sales value, control costs, promote the sale of products in their areas, actively to achieve sales target, expand product market share.

  education experience

  the 2005-09-2007-10 ssangyong vocational middle school of mechanical/electrical and mechanical integration of technical secondary school


  language ability: other: poor; other: poor; mandarin: good

  local dialect: general;

  computer skill: primary

  computer skills: detailed word and excel the office software skilled

  other skills:





  性 别: 女

  年 龄: 28岁 民 族: 汉族

  工作经验: 5年以上 居 住 地: 浙江台州 椒江区

  身 高: cm 户 口: 四川内江 资中县

  自 我 评 价


  求 职 意 向

  希望岗位: 计算机-开发/应用-网页设计师  计算机-开发/应用-网站编辑员  编辑/发行类-排版设计

  寻求职位: 网络运营

  希望工作地点: 浙江台州椒江区

  期望工资: 3700 /月  到岗时间:-08-09

  工作目标 / 发展方向

  合理的叫做训练, 不合理的叫做磨练, 不管是否合理,都是对自己的一种锻炼!

  工 作 经 历


  所属行业: 互联网、电子商务(私营企业)

  担任岗位: 编辑/发行类/排版设计

  职位名称: 网站微信运营









  所属行业: 互联网、电子商务(私营企业)

  担任岗位: 销售类-人员/销售代表



  教 育 经 历

  2005-09--2007-10 双龙职业中学 机械类/机电一体化 中专

  技 能 专 长

  语言能力: 其他:差;  其他:差;  中文普通话:良好


  计算机能力: 初级

  计算机详细技能: 熟练word和excel办公软件




  personal information


  gender: male

  education: bachelor's political landscape: 0

  birthday, the 1970-12-02 national: han

  marital status: married native: xinxiang

  height: 171 cm weight: 63 kg

  professional: accounting work experience: 22 years

  expect work location: xinxiang


  industry/position: financial/audit/statistics/cashier financial manager/supervisor expected monthly salary: 5500 yuan nature of work: there is no limit

  education experience

  the school name: henan institute of finance and economics profession: the accounting study time: the 1994-09-01-1994-09-01 degrees: bachelor degree

  school name: tianjin finance and economics college professional: accounting study time: the 1989-09-01-1989-09-01 degree: college degree

  language ability

  language: english: general

  work experience

  company name: henan crown electronics technology co., ltd

  working time: the -03-12--03-12

  company size: 200 ~ 500

  department: finance department

  job classification: financial/audit/statistics/cashier financial manager

  position monthly salary: 4000 and above

  job description:

  company name: xinxiang shunda, toyota automobile sales and service co., ltd

  working time: the -02-19--02-19

  company size: 10 ~ 100

  department: finance department

  job classification: financial/audit/statistics/cashier financial manager

  position monthly salary: 3000-3999

  job description:

  company name: henan fly heavy industry group co., ltd

  working time: the -07-01--07-01

  company size: more than 1000 people

  department: finance department

  job classification: financial finance manager

  position monthly salary: 3000-3999

  job description:

  company name: henan new-fly wiring co., ltd

  working time: the 1995-09-15-1995-09-15

  company size: more than 1000 people

  department: finance department

  job classification: financial/audit/statistics/cashier accountants

  position monthly salary: 3000-3999

  job description:

  company name: xinxiang battery factories

  working time: the 1991-07-13-1991-07-13

  company size: more than 1000 people

  department: the bursar's office

  job categories: financial accounting/auditing/statistics/the cashier

  below the position monthly salary: 1500

  job description:

  self assessment

  engaged in financial work for 25 years, familiar with industrial cost accounting, general ledger, tax, internal control, business processes, the 4 s store financial ufida erp system




  性别: 男

  学历: 本科 政治面貌: 0

  生日: 1970-12-02 民族: 汉族

  婚姻状况: 已婚 籍贯: 新乡

  身高: 171 公分 体重: 63 公斤

  专业: 会计 工作经验: 22 年

  期望工作地点: 新乡市


  行业/职位: 财务/审计/统计/收银员 财务经理/主管 期望月薪: 5500元 工作性质: 不限


  学校名称: 河南财经学院 专业: 会计学 就读时间: 1994-09-01 至 1997-07-10 获得学历: 本科

  学校名称: 天津财经学院 专业: 会计学 就读时间: 1989-09-01 至 1991-07-07 获得学历: 大专


  语种: 英语 能力: 一般


  公司名称: 河南台冠电子科技股份有限公司

  工作时间: -03-12 至 -11-07

  公司规模: 200~500人

  所在部门: 财务部

  工作分类: 财务/审计/统计/收银员 财务经理

  职位月薪: 4000及以上


  公司名称: 新乡顺达尔丰田汽车销售服务有限公司

  工作时间: -02-19 至 -03-11

  公司规模: 10~100人

  所在部门: 财务部

  工作分类: 财务/审计/统计/收银员 财务经理

  职位月薪: 3000~3999


  公司名称: 豫飞重工集团有限公司

  工作时间: -07-01 至 -02-18

  公司规模: 1000人以上

  所在部门: 财务部

  工作分类: 财务 财务经理

  职位月薪: 3000~3999


  公司名称: 河南新飞电器有限公司

  工作时间: 1995-09-15 至 -06-30

  公司规模: 1000人以上

  所在部门: 财务部

  工作分类: 财务/审计/统计/收银员 会计师

  职位月薪: 3000~3999


  公司名称: 新乡市电池厂

  工作时间: 1991-07-13 至 1995-09-15

  公司规模: 1000人以上

  所在部门: 财务处

  工作分类: 财务/审计/统计/收银员 会计

  职位月薪: 1500以下



  从事财务工作25年,熟悉工业成本核算、总账业务流程、税务、内部控制、4s店财务 用友erp系统